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You got your product designed, prototyped and manufactured and now you realise no one wants to buy your product as its quality is not as good as it should be. Quality Assurance is key to building a good reputation for your product or brand. Follow our tips and exercises to ensure your product are flawless.

August 2, 2012

Improving Product Quality

The maintaining or improvement of your product quality is up to you and the directions you give to your suppliers. Allowing your suppliers to supply without checking the product quality is a very costly mistake. You need to direct the manufacturers to a point that no rejects can get through the system. The reason why it is up to you is because this is a added step to the process and the manufacturers don’t want to add extra cost for themselves. The are two approaches to take when selecting a supplier. One is the low cost and the other as you probably guessed is the quality […]
March 20, 2015

Advanced planning for Quality Control

When is the best time to plan for the quality control of your manufacturing process and product? It is best to start planning for quality control during the design phase of the product to work proactively to resolve potential defects or issues throughout the process. Design for Quality Control If your designer is as experienced as they say, then they should thoroughly understand and be able to explain the manufacturing process that they plan to use with your design. Knowing the method then allows you to have a better understanding of potential defects in addition to where and why they […]
March 20, 2015

Quality Control Management

Quality Control does not get near enough attention as it should with smaller companies and inventors as it does with larger companies. Larger companies make it their primary concern to ensure that quality control is in place while, on the other hand, smaller companies focus more on sales, marketing and distribution. Smaller companies are typically more concerned about making money, which leads to ignoring the importance of quality control over their product. When the focus is placed on sales rather than quality, customers may receive defective parts, which results in loss of money and even reputation. As usual, it comes down to […]