DIY Websites will be the death of you

Choosing DIY website option to design the website yourself can be a very time consuming exercise but there are tools out there to help make things easier.

I would suggest looking into WordPress or similar platforms that can make web designing a breeze. In wordpress you can select from a number of free standard templates that you can easily edit through an administration area they give you. Alternately you can choose to buy from millions of professionally designed websites aimed at different industries, sports, engineering, hobbyists or a sales website like the one you want to make sales with.


You may find the whole WordPress avenue a little hard to swallow at first so I would suggest to look up some beginner guides on video network sites such as youtube. Search for setting up a WordPress site and you will get thousands of people giving you step by step guides to help you through this.

Your website needs to keep people on your site long enough to see what your product or business is all about so try and make it simple. The more colours you use and different text sizes will only push people away. Images are a good attractant and try to stick to pastel colours.

The aim is to keep people on your site and make them feel like they need your product or services. Typically if people don’t get attracted by your website in the first few seconds they will leave.

Website Templates

If you are struggling with wordpress my other recommendation is to look through standard template websites and choose the layout you like. Remember that these websites are designed to be functional for a number of given category so try and choose the correct category for you.

On deciding on the template you like you can purchase it and upload the files to your website hosting account.
Once these files are uploaded and a few settings changed you should have a live website for anyone to see. You are far from done at this point.
You still need to open up all the individual files you purchased and modify the text and images to make it personalised for your product or business.

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