Do you qualify for a patent?

Here are steps to check to see if you qualify for a patent.

  1. Your idea / invention is not one of the following – a law of nature, physical phenomena or abstract.
  2. Your idea / invention is not one of the following – literary, musical, dramatic or artwork. These are possible to be copyrighted not patented.
  3. Is you idea / invention useful?
  4. Does your idea / invention cause offense to anyone else.
  5. Is your idea / invention novel? This means no one else has come up with the invention before you did.
  6. Is there a patent pending for you idea / invention?
  7. Is your invention sufficiently different to a invention already out there?
  8. Can you describe all aspects of your invention?

If you can answer all of these questions you more than likely have a idea or invention that you can patent. Contact us and we can help you further with free advice.

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