Don’t change your design halfway

A designers worse nightmare is to work with an inventor who doesn’t know what they want. This typically means endless amount of changes and doesn’t make it worth while for the designer in the long run.

Typically when you employ the services of a designer they will inform you of a certain number of times that you can change your design. During the stages of design there are points where you can still make slight changes but past these points may result in a whole new redesign.

The importance of a kick off meeting is to eliminate the chances of you wanting to change the design of your invention. The designer will tell you the pro’s and con’s of certain features and offer his twist to the design. I suggest you take the designers experience to hand and give them a little freedom with the design.

Chances are that you don’t know the principles of manufacturing processes and in most cases the sketches you drew are not suitable for the selected processes.

In this website I have spoken about how you should trust the designer but also spend as much time reviewing the design with them to give your input on how the design looks.

If your designer has spent hours on designing and you decide that you want to change your design the chances are that you will need to pay for the hours to change the design how you want it. This is the importance of meetings to reduce the risk of having to change your design.

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