EASY SHOT – Portable "Party To Go" Shot Cocktail Machine!

EAZYSHOT Machine is a new device that promises to create a totally new approach for private parties celebration. Alex Mylnykov, a co-founder of EAZYSHOT Machine, states that this 42×24 cm (16,54×9,45 inches) egg-looking gear has the same potential of popularity as a hookah. If not even bigger.


EAZYSHOT aims to satisfy demands of people who like to party but want to shift it to a more private level. In a nutshell, it is a portable shot drinks machine which works wirelessly from a user’s smartphone and even plays music. Founders say that economically the Machine will save customers’ money considerably. The average layered shot drink made by EAZYSHOT will cost a customer about $1. Restaurant owners also find advantages in this portable device. Max Radutskiy, owner of the City Beach Club (area of more than 2, 000 sq. km), “I would like to have several EAZYSHOTs here [in his establishment]. We have a big terrace and when a big party comes, bartenders and waiters have hectic time. This device would help us to serve the customers much faster. Well, even the design of this thing will attract more people”, To sum it up, EAZYSHOT Machine can serve as an attractive feature for a good party at home or in a company even in the field area where people will still have a possibility to enjoy their drinks with music and fun.


If you’re not a fan of loud parties, you probably have a friend who would appreciate this ingenious gift.

Credo Solutions Inc. is a startup company established in 2015 in Saint-Laurent, Quebec Canada. The company is ruled by Alex Mylnykov (CEO and co-founder), Dima Folomeev (Head engineer and co-founder) and Eugene Moshkola (Marketing). The company has also a development office in Kyiv, Ukraine. This week Credo Solutions Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote EAZYSHOT Machine to start a mass production. To find more information about EAZYSHOT Machine and support it visit their Kickstarter page HERE.


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