Facebook for Inventors

Facebook is a social media website that has been around since 2004 and has grown rapidly ever since its launch. Originally, Facebook started out as a social media website solely for university students in America but, over time, it grew to a massive international website with unlimited users or requirements. So, how exactly is Facebook a beneficial marketing tool? As of 2014, Facebook had over 2 billion active users, all of whom are subjected to a countless number of ads.

Any registered Facebook member can place targeted ads for a small fee, dependent on the targeted audience and the user’s advertising budget. The higher the fee, the greater chance you have in appearing higher or more often on the list of targeted ads. You are fully in control of your budget and can choose to stop the ads at any time. The ads work by targeting people who list certain categories of interest on the Facebook profiles, which Facebook monitors to better engage users and offer services to paying advertisers.

When you place your ad on Facebook, you can select certain criteria; for instance, football. Anyone who appears to have an interest in football will have your ad displayed on their page. Facebook allows you to choose which countries and cities you would like to have your ads displayed, which allows you the ability to further expand your potential targeted audience. At this time, you will need to decide if you want the ad to direct people to a website or to a separate page on Facebook.

You can create a free Facebook business page that is basically a personalized page that tells people more about your product. Your page can feature your website details as well as your business contacts. Through a business page, Facebook helps you to connect with a larger audience through what is commonly known as a “like” or “share.” If people are directed to your Facebook page from your ad or perhaps from a topic on another website, they have the chance to choose to either like or share your page. By liking or sharing the page, the action is shared on the individual’s page and is visible to all of their friends on Facebook. If these second-string of viewers choose to like or share your page, then you can clearly see the roll-on effect. So, from a person with 300 friends who likes your page and if, say five other people who are friends with that person like your page as well and have 300+ friends, the audience is endless.

Remember, Facebook is a free social media website. The only cost associated with the site is in placing ads. Why not benefit from an endless audience by creating a free Facebook page for your product or service?
Before setting up your Facebook page, you may also consider how you will direct your audience beyond Facebook, such as to a website. You can use your website to offer further details and a more personalized layout. Also remember to add “Like” and “Share” buttons to your website to direct traffic to your Facebook page.

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