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Invention Development Questions

1How do I start the Development Process?
First of all, we need to understand your idea and design requirements, this will include the function of the product, number of parts and if there are any electronics or apps associated with the final product. Before we request any information with regards to your idea we sign a Privacy Agreement.
Once we have reviewed the idea we will supply you with a free proposal (quote) to develop your idea. The proposal will include a breakdown of costs and all the deliverables for each stage.
If you are happy with the proposal we will send you an invoice for the work to be performed. We also offer a stage payment plan and once a deposit has paid we will commence with the development.

You can start the process HERE
2How can Invention Steps help me?
We are an invention Development company offering all the services required to take your idea and turn it into a fully functional product ready to market. We offer extremely competitive rates and pride ourselves on actually assisting inventors, start-ups and businesses get their foot on the ladder by reducing their initial investment.
3How much will the process cost me?
This is a difficult question to answer until we start to understand a little more about your idea. We develop ideas from simple kitchen utensils to high-end electronic products all costing a wide range of different prices. Each project is reviewed independently and we determine the costs based on the time it will take to complete that job. There is not a one fixed fee meaning the smaller ideas are not penalized for higher development costs.
4Does Invention Steps sign a Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement?
Of course and we prefer it that way. Our Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legal document that protects your idea so you can disclose the information we require to assist you in understanding the development costs or to develop the idea. If you choose not to develop your idea with us your idea is kept safe and never disclosed to another party giving you the comfort knowing you are safe to continue your journey elsewhere. You can download our Non-Disclosure CLICK HERE.
5How long will the invention process take?
This completely depends on your individual project and the time required to design and develop your idea. However, for smaller projects, a lead-time could be as low as 2 weeks and larger projects as quick as 8 weeks with some taking as long as 12 months.
6How does Invention Steps help with the Patent Process?
At Invention Steps we have been involved in the patent process for a large number of years and offer free advice when it comes to your product and which Intellectual Property may be best suited. Whilst we don't currently offer a patent service we do work with a number of trusted and proven patent attorneys who can assist you with your product.
7Do I lose any rights to my product if we work with Invention Steps?
Never, when you work with Invention Steps, no matter what service you require you will never lose ownership or shares of your product or company. We purely operate as a service provider and you only pay for a service you require.
8Does Invention Steps invest or buy invention ideas?
Unfortunately no
9Can we make stage payments?
Definitely, Typically for smaller projects, we offer a 50% deposit and a 50% once the development has been completed and ready to hand over. For larger projects, the stage payments are broken down into much smaller payments.

Invention Review Questions

1How do we start the Invention Review Process?
We start the process by signing our NDA document followed you sending a brief and possibly a sketch of your idea. Once we have a full understanding of the idea we will supply you with an invoice to start the Invention Review Process - Start the process here.
2 Why should I do an Invention Review?
We would suggest most Inventors undertake the Invention Review as its the perfect tool to ensure you are ready to start the development process or even purchase a Patent. There is a small number of inventors who succeed and this is largely due to the fact that they understand all the costs involved and how to budget their money. Our Invention Review provides a complete breakdown of your idea and how to tackle the process.
3If we do the Invention Review with Invention Steps can we develop elsewhere?
Of course, our Invention Review is written in a way ensuring you understand all the costs and process, these costs and processes are industry standard prices and a guideline for you to use knowing you don't overspend.
4How long will the Invention Review take?
The Invention Review process is a complex procedure that is written by industry experts who make up the team at Invention Steps. Each review will work its way through our Design and Engineering and Electronics Department to ensure all information is correct and accurate. This process typically takes 7-10 days but in busy periods can take 14 days.
5Will Invention Steps offer suggestions for our Invention to improve on the idea?
Definitely, the aim of the Invention Review is to ensure you develop a product at the right price but also to develop a product to the highest standard using the best materials and most common manufacturing procedures. Our number one priority is to ensure you develop a "commercially friendly product", something that gives the wow factor and makes people want to buy it.
6Will you tell us what manufacturing processes we need to use?
Not only do we give you a breakdown of all the steps involved in the process we tell you how they are going to manufacture the items and what materials are the best to use. We keep all reviews as informative as we possibly can so people without any manufacturing experience can understand the process.
7Should I patent my idea before Invention Review?
It is not necessary, in fact, one of the frequently asked questions is at what stage should I patent my idea. We cover all the questions regarding patents, when to get then, how to go through the process, who to use and much more. We explain the differences between other patent options ensure you don't spend money on a patent if you don't have to.
8Why do no other Invention Development companies offer a Invention Review like this?
At Invention Steps, we pride ourselves on helping Inventors. If an Inventor chooses not to do a review and jump straight into the Patent and Product Development they more often than not come across a hurdle and in most cases that hurdle that forces them to stop the process, sometimes temporary but more often than not permanently. Most companies choose not to offer a Review as it may point out too many cost hurdles and ultimately lose your business or put you off. Since we were established to help not exploit inventors we developed the Invention Review.
9Will you tell us if the idea is a good idea?
We go one better. After you read the review you will understand all the development and manufacturing costs ensuring you understand what profit you should be forecasting and how quick you should be getting a return on your investment based on our suggested RRP.

Licensing Portfolio

1How do we start the Licensing Portfolio Process?
Please follow this LINK to the Licensing Portfolio page where we offer two options. CONTACT US to discuss this in more detail.
2Will Invention Steps help get us a licensing deal?
Whilst we currently do not actively go out and try and find a licensing deal for you we focus our attention more on the product development and manufacturing of your idea. We do assist a large number of our clients with marketing and commercialisation advice so please feel free to schedule a consultation with our team to discuss further.
3What is the difference between a Licensing Portfolio and fully developing the product?
We take your idea and develop it to a point where we can supply you with a pack of information and sell sheets so you can approach potential companies to obtain a licensing agreement. We do design the outer part of the product for visual illustrations. The reason why the Licensing Portfolio is cheaper than to completely develop your product is due to the fact that we do not necessarily need to design the product ready for manufacture or develop and test complex electronics (if relevant).
4How long does the process take?
Depending on the size and complexity of the project we could be looking at anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months (larger projects).
5What happens if we get a licensing deal and now need to head into manufacturing?
Since the designs were created for the Licensing Portfolio and not completely developed with manufacturing in mind you will need to go back to the 3D CAD design stage and develop all the parts ready for the manufacturing process.
6How does Invention Steps benefit from us doing a Licensing Portfolio?
As a service provider, the only way we benefit is by offering you a service to create the Licensing Portfolio and Sell Sheets.

Business Services Questions

1Why would we choose Invention Steps over another company?
At Invention Steps, we do not consult external designers or electronic engineers. All our staff work under one roof ensuring we can work efficiently, meaning cheaper development costs, and more importantly reduce the risk of showing your idea to several different companies to get the same product developed.
2Do you offer support for us if we manufactured the item ourselves?
Once we have developed your product you have the opportunity to use your manufacturer or we can assist you with manufacturing using our factories in China? If you choose your factories we will support you to the point where the design has been handed over and approved by your supplier.