How Do I Find Great Ideas?

Great ideas do not come when you force them. They do not come when you want them to and, sometimes, they do not when come when you absolutely need them. Great ideas may come when you are out shopping for groceries, while you are sitting in a conference call at work, or even on a walk through the park. Everyone gets a great idea from time to time.

How many people have you chatted with who have said, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone found a solution to this problem?” Haven’t you ever thought, “Oh! That would be a great idea! Why hasn’t someone thought of that yet?” The questions that remain should then develop into: Why haven’t they explored this idea or solution? Why don’t I explore the idea?

When you have these momentary “light bulb” moments, take the chance to further explore them. Do not dismiss the idea because, chances are, no one else has ever tried to solve the problem or thought about the issue in the same way that you have. That’s right! Your approach to the problem may be unique enough that it could potentially be successful. But, if you sit on the idea and dismiss it as unenlightening or mundane, you run the risk of losing it forever. You won’t know for sure until you explore it. What’s the risk?

Look around you. The world is full of problems that need practical solutions. Generally speaking, great ideas should solve a problem that reduces our spending and saves time, both of which are of great necessity and value to everyone. So, if you explore your idea and find that it does in fact save time and money, you just might be onto something great.
Always remember that great ideas are what make money. Your idea needs to solve a big problem or fill a large gap in order for it to become a marketable and successful product. When you aim for a mass consumer audience, it will be worth your time as you will reach a larger demographic, fill a greater need, and achieve more success. Besides, what is a great idea if no one knows about it to buy it or use it?

Great ideas can be found everywhere. From washing and waxing your car to feeding your dog, they can come during your cardio routine at the gym, cooking dinner, or gardening. Great ideas happen everywhere. Try and think of problems that you feel could and should be made easier. Consider this: if you see a problem that takes your time and attention away from other more important things, it is likely that others experience the same as well. Therefore, explore potential solutions and elaborate on the idea. Do not be afraid to take a chance on your idea and possible solution as all great ideas and inventions must start somewhere.

What’s holding you back from discovering the next great idea? Thinking and exploring do not cost money; they simply require your imagination. What’s your next big idea?

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