Inventing and the environment?

Before I explain to you what types of packaging to consider look at the below table.

Paper and Cardboard – 100 to 400 years
Plastic Bags – 100 to 500 years
Aluminium Cans – 100 to 500 years
Textiles – 100 to 500 years
Plastic Wrap – 100 to 1000 years
Plastic Bottles – Many hundreds of years
Glass Containers – Do not decompose
Tires – Do not decompose

Packaging is a expense that many people do not consider. The expense of a part to be packaged can be as much as the actual product itself and in some cases more.

You need to consider this cost when you first budget your overall project and make sure you account for it.

All too often have I had people come to me and tell me that they manufactured a part and then realised that the packaging was too much to continue.

On the other hand try and use more environmentally friendly materials that will help save the planet. The more recyclable your packaging and even your product is the more it could help as a sales gimmick. More people are eco friendly nowadays and would respect the fact you decided to take the extra cost to implement it in your product.

Yes going eco friendly will add additional cost to your parts but if you part is that good you can swallow this cost in the sale price.

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