Inventions and Magazines

Generally speaking it is expensive to advertise in magazines but its and ideal medium to reach your target audience to educate and show off your new product.

Magazines are generally subject related, for example, cars, electronics, fashion thus enabling you to target the audience you are looking to purchase your product. Generally speaking you should be able to target age groups, interest, gender and geographics dependent on the magazine you choose.

The main thing when considering placing an advertisement in a magazine is to get a professional design to attract the attention of the readers.

Magazines offer more complex layouts than newspapers and gives you the ability to show off your graphics in full colour and with high quality glossy formats. All in all creating a highly professional look and feel boosting your companies image to the public.

As I mentioned the cost involved in magazine advertising can be very high and more expensive than ads in newspapers counterpart but having the ability to choose smaller layouts and amount of ads you buy can affect the cost drastically.

Another thing to remember is the lead time it takes ads to appear in the magazines. Typically you are looking at a leadtime of 1-6 months for your ad to show up in a magazine compared with the newspapers couple of days. Also take note of the frequency the publication is printed throughout the year as its possible your ad will only be seen 12 times a year compared to a newspaper which could potentially be every day.

To summarize, weigh up the pros and cons of magazine advertising based on the facts above. Get your ads designed professionally as not to waste money on ads that wont attract attention.

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