Inventors need a Sketchbook

Do you have random sheets of paper with scribbles, notes and designs that scatter your office? Do you find yourself using restaurant napkins to capture random lightbulb moments after dinner with a friend?
Save yourself time and heartache. Invest in a sketchbook so that you can keep a record of your ideas and designs in one place.
Your designs do not have to be paper clipped or stapled together in a random assortment of paper. They do not have to fill file folders or napkins, sticky notes or the backs of business cards. In fact, if this is the case, it is probably time to get organized before you lose an important idea to the abyss of your office, your laptop bag or your coffee table.

A sketchbook can be used to document your notes and ideas. If you are serious about inventing and creating, carry your book with you everywhere you go as you can never know for certain when you’ll have the next great idea. Ideas can come when you are driving to work, cooking dinner, shopping for groceries, watching television or even while you are sleeping. When you notice or come up with an idea that could improve upon or solve a problem, sketch your ideas out in your sketchbook.

More often than not, you will most likely sketch something only to later find that it is a dead end idea. However, do not get discouraged as even these ideas can lead to greater success. Do not be afraid to step away from your sketchbook of ideas to take a breath of fresh air, a break. This will often give you a new perspective when you return, allowing you to see the problem and your proposed solution in a different light. With this, you may find that you have new improvements or modifications that can transform the idea from a dead end to a possible invention with great potential.

When you use your sketchbook, it’s important to remember that this is your personal place for ideas. Do not feel that every idea in your sketchbook needs to be a work of art. In fact, it can be a series of scribbles just as long as you can decipher its meaning months down the line. Also, do not be surprised if you return to old ideas to modify them or improve them in some way. Like I mentioned before, taking a break from an idea is often a refreshing process as you return to it with a fresh mind.

Ideas do not come on a schedule and they often don’t come to us in their complete or final form. Do not let partial ideas or even dead-end ideas discourage you from creating, brainstorming or inventing. Sketch as much as you can and do not be afraid to make a mess of the book. What starts as a doodle can often jumpstart your creativity, leading you to new ideas that grow to make more sense with modifications over time.

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