Turn your idea into a fully functional visual concept

Licensing Portfolio

Not all inventors choose to fully design and manufacture their product due to a lack of resources, and would rather sell their idea to companies outright or get a royalty agreement. We can create your concept idea and turn it into a professional looking product without the huge development costs, ready to show the world.

Sell your idea outright to companies

Using our Licensing Portfolio, we design and develop your idea to a point where you can show off your product to potential companies to sell the idea outright.

Get a licensing deal with a company

Are you looking to manufacture your own product but want to try and get pre-sales. The licensing Portfolio makes the perfect "sell sheet" for inventors. Ask us how.

Proof of Concept with the aim of approaching Investors, Partners or secure Licensing Deals

Licensing Portfolio Options

Looking for a visual concept, sell sheet, fully designed and developed product or functional prototype?

Basic Portfolio

Proof of concept of your idea ready to approach potential investor, or companies with the intention of selling the idea

  • Industrial Design
  • Concept Visualisation (3 Revisions)
  • 3D CAD Designs
  • Photorealistic CAD Renders (up to 5 views)
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Patent Drawings (up to 10 views)

Premium Portfolio

Design, Develop and Prototype your idea with the Premium Portfolio package aimed at enhancing your success

  • Complete Project Plan
  • Industrial Design
  • Concept Visualisation (3 Revisions)
  • 3D CAD Designs
  • Prototype Development
  • Manufacturing Appraisal (Local and Chinese)
  • Photorealistic CAD Renders (up to 10 views)
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Patent Drawings (up to 20 views)
  • Marketing Appraisal and Advice