Magazine Advertising

Magazines are an ideal medium to reach your target audience to educate and show off your new product or service. Generally speaking, advertising in a magazine is often quite expensive in comparison to other venues such as newspaper advertisements and internet marketing. However, if you have the budget to advertise your invention in a magazine, they present an outstanding venue to reach target audiences who will most likely be interested in your product.

Magazines are ideal because they are usually subject related. For example, consider the variety of magazines related to cars, electronics, and fashion. There are magazines devoted to golf and football, to evening gowns and makeup, to technology and fitness. With these specific subject matters, you are better able to engage your target audience who would be most interested in purchasing your product. Essentially, through magazine advertisements, you should be able to target age groups, interests, gender and geographic areas based on the magazine that you choose.

Professional Design

One of the most important considerations in placing an advertisement in a magazine is in hiring a professional to design the ad. Magazines offer more complex layouts than newspapers and provide the opportunity to show off complex graphics, full color and high quality glossy formats. Because of this, a professional design is necessary to attract the attention and engage the readers. With a target audience, ads that effectively brand the company and promote the product are more often well-received that those who look to be designed by a novice hand. In any case, professional designs are not to be skimped on when it comes to magazine advertisements.


As I mentioned previously, the cost involved in magazine advertising can be substantially more expensive than placing ads in newspapers. However, having the ability to choose smaller layouts with a limited color palette in addition to the amount of ads you choose to buy can also drastically affect the cost of the advertisement. While newspaper ads are often limited to black and white graphics and character counts, magazine ads can range in size, placement and color all dependent on the magazine publisher and the advertiser’s budget.


Another important consideration in magazine advertising is the lead time it takes for ads to appear in the magazines. Typically, there is a lead time anywhere between one and six months for your ad to show up in a magazine. In contrast, newspaper advertisements typically have a lead time of two to three days at most because of the simplicity of design as well as the frequency of publication.


Consider the frequency of publication when it comes to magazines and newspapers. Is the publication printed throughout the year? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually? It is important to determine the value of the cost of the advertisement with the frequency of publication. Think of this:

  1. Is the magazine published weekly? If so, your ad will likely gain daily exposure.
  2. Is the magazine published monthly? Your ad will only be seen 12 times per year.
  3. Is the magazine published annually? If so, does the cost of the ad make up for the audience reached?

To summarize, weigh the pros and cons of magazine advertising based on the facts above, the magazine’s target audience, the industry of your product, as well as your budget and overall needs. If you feel that magazine advertisements would be beneficial to the success of you product (and are affordable based on your budget), hire a professional designer to create your ads to ensure that they engage and attract the attention of readers.

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