Manufacturing quotes for your invention

If you have reached this stage and you need to get manufacturing quotes then you have finalised the design of your product and looking to source manufacturers to supply you with quotes to get your invention made.

Its important to ensure that during the design phase the designer will supply you with all the files required enabling you to get manufacturing quotes. Be sure that the designer does not charge you more for these files as they are a design requirement. It take about 2 minutes to save a file as an IGES file so there is really no need for the designer to charge you more.

Typically to get a quote from a manufacturer they need 3D CAD models of the design. In some cases the manufacturer will require 2D CAD drawings. Typically 2D CAD drawings are used when tolerances are required on the parts, this indicates how much detail needs to be applied to certain areas. IGES files are accepted internationally as the industry standard that most manufacturers can open. Ask your designer to supply these to you.

When receiving manufacturing quotes you will notice a cost for tooling, which are for the dies to make the arts and then the individual part costs.

Don’t pay more

Its important to remember that when getting quotes for manufacture that this should be supplied free of charge to you so don’t fall in a trap where you are being charged. If that is the case then move on to one of the other million manufacturers out there.

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