Minimum order quantity

When you initially get your quote off the manufacturing company they would have informed you that you need to order in batches of a certain quantity, this is the minimum order quantity. The figure they choose is the figure that makes its worthwhile for them to get your tools off the shelf, place it into the machine and run a batch off and then remove from the tool and replace back on the shelf. Your supplier will not want to make a loss on any manufacturing they do for you so make sure you understand why there is a minimum order quantity.

This means they will never do a batch of 10. You are talking about 500 for larger products and for small parts then possible starting at 2000 units.

If you need to order a small quantity of parts then you need to consider rapid prototype methods that can product small batches at minimal cost.

If you really only need a certain number that is below the minimum order quantity they quoted initially then you can ask your supplier to quote a price for the quantity you are looking for. Be aware this is not going to be cheap.

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