Minimum order quantity

When you first receive your quote from the manufacturing company, they should have informed you that you must order in batches of a certain quantity, also known as the minimum order quantity. This quantity is determined by the number of products required to make it worth their time and money to utilize their equipment, run the machines, and complete the process. Suppliers, like all businesses across various industries, avoid loss of time and money to increase the profit margins. Because of this, your supplier will specify the minimum order quantity to make your product within their production specifications.

Manufacturers will never make a batch of 10 or 100. It is simply not cost or time effective. Most require orders of 500 or more for larger products and, for small parts, some units begin at a minimum of 2000.

Consider rapid prototype methods if you need to order smaller quantities as these can produce smaller batches at minimal costs. If you only need a certain number that is barely below the minimum order quantity quoted by your supplier, ask your supplier for a customized quote; however, be aware that this is often not cost effective of budget friendly.

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