Packaging for your Invention

The Importance of Protecting Your Products during Shipping and on Store Shelves

The team at Invention Steps can assist you with all of your packaging needs and requirements from paper, plastic, pulp and cardboard boxes. We can also help you design the graphics for the packaging as well as provide valuable insight on the best packaging method to meet your product and your budgetary needs. We do, of course, always try our best to keep all packaging as eco-friendly as possible. However, some inventors do have cost restraints that determine the overall budget allotted for product packaging, which can lead us to utilize different packaging methods to better serve our clients.

As you consider the variety of methods to package your product, inventors are often faced with the question: “How many parts can fit into a single container?” Here at Invention Steps, we design packaging to save on space and money. By designing the packaging for your product in a way that allows us to fit more parts into a box, we can directly influence the totally quantity in the container. This simple step alone often saves our clients thousands in shipping costs!

How exactly do we manage to compact parts for safe shipping? Invention Steps designs each packaging method in 3D to offer our clients a more detailed illustration of how many parts will fit and how they will fit in the desired shipping method. With our 3D technology, we are able to show you exactly how your parts will ship to effectively reduce your shipping concerns.

With over a century of involvement in product packaging and packaging design, the team at Invention Steps are experts in the field. We are proud to assist our clients by ensuring that each product will be protected not only in the phase of shipping but straight onto store shelves for consumers to purchase. With our industry insight, we make sure our clients select the most practical and appropriate packaging method for their product to eliminate unnecessary costs because no one wants to pay more for the product package than the actual product itself.

Invention Steps is a one-stop design shop that serves to guide clients through the entire design and packaging process. From developing state-of-the-art graphics to offering packaging experts, we can offer you the best and most effective packaging design to ensure that your product is safely shipped and on the store shelves without breaking the product or your budget.

We also take the shipping process one step further. If your product needs added protection due to its fragility, we can ensure that your product will stay in one piece through the entire shipping process. How can we make this guarantee? We will take your product and design a packaging method that will withstand multiple drop tests. We even stand behind our design as we will not only package your product, we will then perform drop tests to ensure that your product arrives to its final destination in one piece!

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