Product Design Process

Product Designing is the process where a new product is created and likely to be sold by a business to its customers. This also applies to inventors.

A Product Designer combines their artistic skills with science and technology to create a 3D product with the use of engineering or graphic design software.


Design Brief

The design brief is the most important part of the design process. The designer needs to fully understand what you are looking to design and how you want it. The product designers takes this information and designs your product. Be aware if you don’t give all the information at this stage then it will extend the design process at a later stage.

Product Design Specifications

This is a list of items that the design should pass. For example colour, size or even usability.

Concept Design

This is the stage where the designer spends most of his time sketching and modelling the product.


This could be done with the use of a prototype.

Detail Design

The detail design is the final part of the design process. This stage consits of dotting the “i”s and crossign the “t”s. Once the 3D model is finished then it gets designed in 2D for manufacturing dimensional purposes.

Manufacturing and further Testing

This stage is where the product gets manufactured with the use of dies. Testing is critical to make sure the fit and function of the product and that it meets all specifications.

Refinement and Sales

Probably the most important job is ensuring the product is perfect, so if you have to make some design modifications now, its going to save a lot of work further down the line. Marketing and Selling is the key to a successful product, so get out there and SELL SELL SELL

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