QR Codes: Why You Need One

How often have you looked at products, visited stores, or perused through a magazine and seen a QR code? Did you know what it was? Do you know the purpose of a QR Code? More importantly, have you considered its value to your invention?

A QR Code stands for a Quick Response Code and was first introduced and commonly used in Japan. Over the past few years, we have started to see more and more QR codes on websites, new products, billboards and other advertising outlets as the marketing world has discovered the power behind the boxed image.

QR Codes can be read using an application on your mobile phone. These applications are free and, once downloaded, can be used to take a photo of the QR Code or scan it into the app itself. Once scanned or photographed, the code is read and then takes consumers to a new page or website that provides further information about the product. Essentially, a QR Code is a simple marketing tool that serves to link consumers to a product or brand.

Once the QR Code is scanned, consumers are given more information about the product itself when the code redirects the app to a new website. The new website is typically a product/brand page or the company website and often features further details about the product, potential locations, prices, and other affiliated websites. By linking the consumer to the product, the QR Code serves to eliminate unwanted and wasted time searching the internet for a specific product. Simply by scanning or photographing an image, consumers can have immediate access to the product information at the click of a button, wherever and whenever they want or need it.

Outside of the obvious perks of being efficient for consumers, QR Codes are a great marketing tool that puts information in the hands of your potential customers. Because of their growing popularity, they are easily added to any advertising medium whether it is the product itself, a social media page, a website, or perhaps a business card.
QR Codes look complicated! How can I possibly generate a code for my product or business?

Rest assured that QR Codes are easily generated through a number of websites for free such as Google. Conduct a simple search for “QR Code creation”, “creating QR Codes” or “QR Code Generator” and you are sure to find a number of results that will generate your code quickly and accurately!

Once your QR Code is created and saved, enjoy the perks of QR Code advertising. Add the code to any print advertising from flyers and posters to invites and business cards that is sure to land in the hands of potential consumers.

Remember to use QR Codes to share the following with your consumers:

  1. Product details
  2. Contact details
  3. Offer details
  4. Event details
  5. Competition details
  6. A coupon
  7. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram pages
  8. A link to your YouTube video feed

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