Samples off the tool

During the latter stages of tool manufacturing, the manufacturer will place the tool in the machine to generate the “first-off’s,” or the first items off the tool. First-off’s are utilized for testing and measurements and are then sent for your approval. In this process, you have every right and responsibility to inspect the parts to ensure that you are completely satisfied before the first order is processed.

You will most likely be asked to sign a confirmation that states you accept the first-off’s. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the first-off’s, the manufacturer must fix the tool until it meets your specifications. The parts that you will approve should be exact replicas of the original design. If you receive the parts and are unhappy with the outcome, any changes will incur further costs as the manufacturer will only supply what they are given.

If you choose to make adjustments to the part, you may need your designer to make the changes or, if it is a simple request, the manufacturer may be able to make the changes themselves. The process is then repeated and the second batch is sent for your approval. This cycle continues until you are completely satisfied.

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