Selling on eBay

Did you know that more than half of all sole proprietors of small businesses use eBay as their only avenue to sell their products to consumers?

Inventors often miss the boat if they fail to consider selling their product on eBay, which is now the largest online virtual mall and is considered the mecca of all small businesses involved in e-commerce with customers around the world.

Small companies often rely on eBay because it reduces the cost of creating their own website that features a catalogue of items and an automated ordering process. Setting up the catalogue and an online store alone can be intimidating and overwhelming to those who are not familiar with the website plugins or templates. Most of the time, small businesses need a fair amount of time to start earning a profit and often, as a result, begin small. As business grows, setting up a website is then considered. With this in mind, many small businesses use eBay to quickly launch their business into a global market, which has a greater reach then a newly launched website.

Tips for Selling Your Product on eBay

What price should you sell your product?

Research similar products with other vendors to get a better idea of what the average cost of the product is on the site. People are likely going to buy a less expensive product that they recognize rather than pay more money for a similar item. Essentially, you have to find a balance between setting you price to attract customers while still earning enough to earn a profit.

Do people need your product? How will they benefit from it?

To determine the demand for your product, research your competitors to see how many bids their items have. This is generally a great indication that consumers are interested in the product and that they have a history of sales on eBay, which will often translate to your product.

Get positive feedback

People buy from sellers with high ratings and positive feedback, which means that the utmost important factor of your eBay profile is to provide quality customer service to maintain positive feedback. This is the lifeline of your product and its success. Negative feedback can deter buyers from purchasing the product or ever considering you as a legitimate seller. If your product is nothing like the featured photo or the description, you should consider selling the item when you have a more truthful description and more accurate photo. At the heart of gaining positive feedback is providing a quality product with outstanding customer service.

Product description and images

Does your product photo and description clearly show and describe the product itself? Through researching other listings on eBay, you should be able to find professional photos of the product. Add your own photos to the product page and explain the product to the best of your ability, making sure to include dimensions and size. Keep in mind that poor quality photos and blank descriptions are a huge deterrent to potential buyers.

Shipping Options

Again, do your research on the available shipping options to determine how much your packaged product will cost to ship both locally and internationally. Avoid posting an outrageously expensive shipping cost as, most of the time, people know basic shipping fees and will see this as a red flag that you are trying to scam them out of more money.


As with any e-commerce venture, providing quality products and outstanding customer service is vital to maintain a positive reputation. By following these simple methods, you are sure to achieve eBay success as a trusted supplier.

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