Social Networking and how it will Help Your Invention

Social Networking and how it will Help Your Invention

Social networking is the term given to the interaction of individuals utilizing social websites to engage with others. The internet is full of people worldwide looking to meet new people, discuss current events and share interests such as sports, hobbies, cooking, and everything under the sun.

There are hundreds of social networking websites on the market today as well as probably hundreds more steadily gaining in popularity. I have listed a few well-known social networking websites where you have the opportunity to interact with people with similar interests. These social networking websites are the ideal venues to market your ideas and products for free.

Here are a few things to remember when conducting social media marketing:


Do not start updating your Facebook status or Twitter newsfeed and then suddenly stop, leaving your following high and dry. Once you start with social media marketing be consistent and get your work into the market. Your following will more than likely delete you from their lists if they fail to hear anything from you, deeming your account inactive and not worthwhile.


If you have thousands of friends and fail to engage with them, you will be unsuccessful in your social media marketing campaign. With a strong following, this is the perfect opportunity for you to communicate with others about your product and its benefits. Start talking!

Prepare for the Worst

Social networks are focused on people being social, which translates for inventions as encouraging people to talk about your company and your product. Be prepared for the odd person who will spread negative words or widespread criticism about your product or your service. The best thing to do in this situation is to understand WHY they are criticizing and what the problem is. If you can fix the issue, fix it quickly. The more negativity that is spread can negatively impact your campaign as well as your overall success.


Be original in the way that you update your Facebook status or tweets. Do not just copy what others are saying or blindly share promotional videos or content. To effectively get people to spread the word about your product, draw the attention of others by grabbing their attention with your cleverness and creativity.


Be sure that you monitor all the social networks in which you have a regular membership. Social media marketing requires constant monitoring as someone might have asked a question for which they are waiting on a response or perhaps there is negative feedback on the page that you have yet to receive. Remember, to be successful with social media marketing, be sure to regularly update your statuses and respond to people who leave comments or feedback on your page. Failure to pay attention to your contacts is considered an act of shunning your customers in the social media realm. To avoid this, be sure to respond quickly and accurately.

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