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May 27, 2012


What is 3D CAD? This is the term given to describe an object that occurs on a three-axis Cartesian coordinate system. Cartesian coordinate system is basically a way of describing the X and Y axis that we learnt about in School, except this time there is a third axis called the Z axis which represents depth of a part. By the above definition any object that is 3D CAD needs to have these 3 coordinate systems. The term 3D is generally used when using computer graphics but now becoming more recognised in television and computer games. Typically 3D objects in […]
May 27, 2012


What is 2D CAD? When someone in design or engineering refers to 2D CAD, they generally refer to a drawing on a screen or paper that represents a 2 dimensional object or assembly. This means there is no depth represented (Z-axis). In Order for designers to illustrate a depth they usually add another view alongside the front or side view. 2D drawings are always presented in a line drawing format but may have some shaded view added. Why do you need it? 2D CAD drawings are generally produced to give dimensions to a part or assembly for the object to be […]