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July 9, 2014

Choosing a Patent Attorney

Its important to remember a Patent is a legal binding document that is an enforceable contract giving you the rights of a design once the patent has been approved. As with any contract, you need to include accurate information as this could potentially affect the validity of the patent if done incorrectly. I need to point out that most of the time patent lawyers/attorneys work on a set fee whilst some may work on a hourly rate. If you choose to go for the hourly rate option, be aware this potentially cost more in the long run. Costs involved Check […]
February 22, 2012

Can someone copy my patent?

So you have an invention and worried that people may be able to copy it by adding their own twist to the design to copy your patent. This is why employing a patent attorney to write up your patents is very important. If you lodged your own patent application you might miss a few obvious things that other people may find ways around. Lets try and explain this using an example We have a shelf that is hung up using nails. What is to stop someone with coming up with the same idea but instead of using nails, they use […]