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July 9, 2014

Choosing a Patent Attorney

Its important to remember a Patent is a legal binding document that is an enforceable contract giving you the rights of a design once the patent has been approved. As with any contract, you need to include accurate information as this could potentially affect the validity of the patent if done incorrectly. I need to point out that most of the time patent lawyers/attorneys work on a set fee whilst some may work on a hourly rate. If you choose to go for the hourly rate option, be aware this potentially cost more in the long run. Costs involved Check […]
June 8, 2012


Be sure to understand any additional features you need to add to your packaging to ensure you can actually supply to stores. A barcode is an essential element although not a legal requirement. You can typically get a barcode from one of thousands of suppliers on the internet or ask your manufacturer for information regarding this. A barcode is added to a product to enable the stores to scan them to automatically retrieve the price of the item. Without a barcode you can imagine this would be very difficult. So what exactly is a barcode? The technical definition for a barcode is a […]