We have written all these topics to help you further understand the Invention Process and what you can do to reduce mistake and keep costs low.

June 30, 2013

Australian Inventors

Invention Steps helps Australian Inventors by taking their ideas and turning them into products. Ask us how we can help  you with our professional services. So you live in Australia and have no idea what to do with an idea that you have had knocking around for a while. Why not try and investigate how to progress with taking the idea and turning it into a product you can sell. Typically if you have no idea what to do it can be a hard and time consuming process, but after reading this blog you will get more of an understanding […]
June 8, 2012

Six mistakes inventors make

So you think you have an idea, great. But are you one of many that fall into the below six categories of mistakes inventors make. If you are, then be careful, you might get knocked down quickly and this can cost you dearly. Mistake 1 – Expecting unrealistic results Don’t think that you will make a million dollars straight away, its highly unlikely. All new products take time to develop. For example it takes a minimum of 6 months for the design and manufacture processes before you even progress to marketing and sales. If you employ a good team, this […]