Where can you find angel investors?

Finding an Angel Investor is not an easy task, but if you do find an angel investor it will definitely pay off. Typically an Angel investor will want to be involved in the business they invest in so they will be looking to invest in businesses closer to home most of the time. Angel Investors don’t just hang around the streets to be found, generally you need to be referred to an Angel Investor.

Immersing yourself in your local business and social community will help get your name and ideas out there and give you more of a chance of coming across any Angel Investor or even someone who can pass your name on. A good idea may be to focus your energy on business owners as you are more likely to meet someone who is or knows an Angel Investor.

Get out there and attend meetings, trade shows, community and trade organisations as these are all the key to getting closer to meeting that Angel.

Try looking on the internet and get your ideas noticed by a wider audience.

Can you recognise an Angel Investor?

These characteristics may help in finding your Angel Investor.

  • Someone whose income is above $100,ooo
  • Has a net worth of $1,000,000
  • Likes to play an active role in the investment
  • Likes to invest in areas of interest
  • Someone who can hold an investment for up to 5 years

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