Why do I need a design for my invention?

Pretty simple answer really, you need a design as you cannot progress any further with your idea or invention without one.

Designs are created to illustrate how your product will work and also help people understand how it will eventually look.

The most important part of the design is actually being able to send the final drawings to a manufacturer who can manufacture the product. You are unable to get a rapid prototype made without a professional design. Everyone getting an invention made will need a design generated professionally to ensure the product will be suitable for manufacturing.

If you decide that you do need a design be sure to spend the time ensuring you find a designer that you feel comfortable with. You will need to be able to speak to the designer regularly and arrange meetings (design reviews) at certain periods. Selecting a designer that doesn’t suit your requirements is a big mistake. A designer needs to understand product design, have product design experience and had working knowledge of manufacturing processes.

Will my sketches do?

Sketches are all well and good when trying to relay your thoughts to another person, but generally a hand sketch is not good enough and people find it difficult to understand if they are not thinking on the same lines as you.

If you are serious about your idea then you will need to get a professional to help you design the final product.

In this chapter I am going to help you understand the different types of design and how to ensure you get the perfect designer to suit you and your needs.

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