Why should you prototype?

Getting a prototype of your invention is the best way to test it for form and function. You can physically hold the product in your hands and even use it for marketing purposes.

It is a good reason to get a prototype done after the design stage to make sure it works how you want it too. It’s also the best chance to make sure all the parts fit together as they would in the final product.

Too many people have made the mistake and gone to the manufacturing stage without getting a prototype made. This can be very costly if changes need to be made to your product.

Prototypes can be done in a large number of ways to achieve the best result which will be similar to the final manufactured product. By choosing the best rapid prototype method you can ensure you get similar textures, weights and sizes.

There are a large number of companies offering prototype solutions so how do you know which the best one is? Basically they all do the same thing and the same quality but the main difference is cost.

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