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About us

We are a team of dedicated professionals working together to bring your ideas to life
We are product developers

Who are we?

Invention Steps is a Product Development company based in Australia, developing innovative products for customers all over the world. We pride ourselves in assisting and mentoring all our inventors including no upfront charges, no consultation fees and the flexibility to engage, and pay for, the selected services you require.

Invention Steps comprises of a team of exceptional Industrial Designers, Product Designers, Mechanical Engineers and Electronic Engineers who work together to produce high standard products ready for market, with consistently affordable rates. With the ability to develop all products under one roof, ranging from simple household products to complex electronic systems, Invention Steps is the ideal team to partner with, ensuring your product gets the professional touch it deserves.

We involve you in the entire process ensuring you end up with the product you want, not the product we think you want. Not only does Invention Steps help you through the design and development process, they also produce excellent quality prototypes allowing you to test your product and begin your marketing campaign, approach investors or seek funding using crowdfunding platforms.

Should you wish to proceed into the manufacturing stages with your product, we can further assist you in understanding our Chinese production costs based on orders as low as 250-500 units. Never before has it been so easy to get a product to market with a limited budget.
What makes us different

Why work with us?

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • 40 Years of Experience
  • In-house Electronic & Design Development
  • Free Quote
  • Only pay for the services you require
  • Dedicated project manager
  • All ideas remain 100% your idea
  • All profits from sales are 100% your profits
  • All ideas remain 100% confidential
  • Free Invention Mentoring to customers
  • No hidden costs EVER
  • Pay as you GO
  • Fast Turnaround