Finding the right company to manufacture your product idea is not easy, do you look locally or in Asia. We have given you advice in all areas that you will encounter during the manufacturing stage. Who to use, what price, can you trust them?

May 24, 2015

Manufacturing Agents

Regardless of where you live or what industry in which you work, you are sure to find agents who are both reputable and less reputable as is the case with a variety of professionals. These individuals often serve to assist inventors as they move through the manufacturing stages of the invention process. However, before you decide to hire an agent for your invention process, let’s take a moment to define what an agent does and the potential costs as well as things to consider prior to hiring an agent. What exactly is an agent? An agent is an individual who […]
May 15, 2015

Packaging for your Invention

The Importance of Protecting Your Products during Shipping and on Store Shelves The team at Invention Steps can assist you with all of your packaging needs and requirements from paper, plastic, pulp and cardboard boxes. We can also help you design the graphics for the packaging as well as provide valuable insight on the best packaging method to meet your product and your budgetary needs. We do, of course, always try our best to keep all packaging as eco-friendly as possible. However, some inventors do have cost restraints that determine the overall budget allotted for product packaging, which can lead […]
April 7, 2015

Sale Price

At this point, your idea has transformed into an invented product that is ready to be introduced to the market. You have most likely begun your market research to gain a better understanding of the market, your consumers and their needs, as well as your competitors. With this, it’s now time to determine the price. How exactly can you determine the sale price of your product? I will respond to this question in two ways: market research and manufacturing. Both of these factors will provide a better understanding and determination of your target sale price. Market Research As you conduct […]
April 7, 2015

Project Plans

During the phase of bringing your product to life, you will always need to have some form of indication on when certain tasks should be, are, and will be completed. Usually, this task management is overseen by a project engineer or manager but, if this is your own product, then the job is essentially up to you. While it may seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, project management and timing plans are easy to manage and can be done without any dedicated management software. Timing plans are effective to use when coordinating your overall project to include such factors […]
April 7, 2015

Packaging Cost

The manufacturing should typically include a packaging cost in the initial price that was quoted. However, if you fail to bring this up for discussion, the manufacturer will most likely bulk package your product in a large box for shipping. If you do not specify the type of packaging that you prefer well in advance, do not expect it to come in a nicely packaged box. To ensure that your product is shipped both safely and accurately, I suggest that you have the packaging professionally designed with both of these factors in mind. However, a professionally designed package is dependent […]
March 25, 2015

Manufacturing Quotes for Your Invention

If you have reached this stage and are now looking to receive manufacturing quotes for your invention, then you have finalized the design of your product. In this step, you are looking to source manufacturers to supply you with quotes to get your invention made. File Types, 2D CAD Drawings & 3D CAD Models It is extremely important to ensure that, during the design phase, your designer supplies you with all of the files of your product that are required to receive manufacturing quotes. Generally speaking, the majority of the companies in the industry both locally and internationally utilize IGES […]
March 25, 2015

Different Types of Manufacturing Methods

As we have said before, the difference between an idea and an invention is the reality of having something you can hold in your hands, something that you can see or use firsthand to test in the consumer market or to present to potential investors to earn financial support. This tangible invention transforms the idea into a reality through the prototype and manufacturing process. Essentially, manufacturing is the game changer for your invention. Right now, you are probably wondering about any or all of the following questions: What are the options for manufacturing my invention? How do I know which […]
March 25, 2015

How much will manufacturing cost me?

Manufacturing cost is an important step to consider when you decide to go ahead with your idea, taking the first steps of the invention process. When you decide to order the tooling and proceed into the manufacturing process, you should take adequate time to calculate how much the manufacturing cost will be. Below, I have provided two examples to show you the best method to calculate the manufacturing cost for your new product. Example 1 For this example, I will use typical values for a part that is no larger than your hand. The part is made from plastic and […]
March 20, 2015

Quality Control Management

Quality Control does not get near enough attention as it should with smaller companies and inventors as it does with larger companies. Larger companies make it their primary concern to ensure that quality control is in place while, on the other hand, smaller companies focus more on sales, marketing and distribution. Smaller companies are typically more concerned about making money, which leads to ignoring the importance of quality control over their product. When the focus is placed on sales rather than quality, customers may receive defective parts, which results in loss of money and even reputation. As usual, it comes down to […]
March 15, 2015

Inventing and the Environment

As with any new invention, there is genuine excitement in finalizing the design, completing the manufacturing process, and finally seeing the product on store shelves. However, throughout the entire process, it is vital to always consider how your product will impact the environment. Here are some questions to consider: • Will it have a negative or a positive effect? • Is the product environmentally friendly? • Is the product packaging environmentally friendly? • What are other methods to improve the impact of my product on the environment? • Is there room in my budget to allow for eco-friendly packaging or […]