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Ensuring you choose the correct way to transport your invention from your supplier to you or the wholesaler is key to keeping within budget and meeting deadlines.

May 28, 2012

What are my shipping options?

Dependant on the manufacturer you decide to use and the country it usually falls in one more of the below categories:If your supplier is in another country and they are going to produce large quantities then you need to be considering using containers. Container are the best way to ship large orders but be warned they take time and are costly.You have a 2 sizes of containers to choose from and they are 20’ (20 feet) and 40’ (40 feet). These sizes come in various forms such as Standard Containers Opentop Containers Flatrack Containers Reefer Containers High Cube Containers Usually […]
June 3, 2012

How long will shipping of my product take?

Dependant on which country you are in and which country you choose it can vary drastically. I usually stick to 6 weeks for long hauls. If you need a more accurate time your supplier should be able to help you out if they are organising transport.
June 3, 2012

Duties and taxes to be paid on importing

Yes as if things weren’t that hard already you will probably be required to pay one or both of the following to get your container cleared into your country. My best advice is to check this out yourself rather than ask your supplier as this is not their area of expertise. If you are organising the shipping of the container be sure to ask the shipping company of any duties or taxes to be paid. Although the costs will be minimal it might still be a big hit to you onwards RRP and the margin you make. You need to […]
December 26, 2014

Minimum order quantity

When you first receive your quote from the manufacturing company, they should have informed you that you must order in batches of a certain quantity, also known as the minimum order quantity. This quantity is determined by the number of products required to make it worth their time and money to utilize their equipment, run the machines, and complete the process. Suppliers, like all businesses across various industries, avoid loss of time and money to increase the profit margins. Because of this, your supplier will specify the minimum order quantity to make your product within their production specifications. Manufacturers will […]
December 26, 2014

How many parts will they ship at one time?

Once you have chosen your manufacture, you need to decided if you are going to allow them to do the packaging of the product or if you want to do it yourself, this needs to be the first decision that needs to be made. If you decide the manufacturer does the packaging into final retail boxes then your manufacturer will inform you how many boxes they can fit in a container. This is a fine calculation and should be double checked. Typically at Invention Steps we provide 3D illustrations of boxes in a container showing you in detail the exact […]
April 7, 2015

Packaging Cost

The manufacturing should typically include a packaging cost in the initial price that was quoted. However, if you fail to bring this up for discussion, the manufacturer will most likely bulk package your product in a large box for shipping. If you do not specify the type of packaging that you prefer well in advance, do not expect it to come in a nicely packaged box. To ensure that your product is shipped both safely and accurately, I suggest that you have the packaging professionally designed with both of these factors in mind. However, a professionally designed package is dependent […]
May 15, 2015

Packaging for your Invention

The Importance of Protecting Your Products during Shipping and on Store Shelves The team at Invention Steps can assist you with all of your packaging needs and requirements from paper, plastic, pulp and cardboard boxes. We can also help you design the graphics for the packaging as well as provide valuable insight on the best packaging method to meet your product and your budgetary needs. We do, of course, always try our best to keep all packaging as eco-friendly as possible. However, some inventors do have cost restraints that determine the overall budget allotted for product packaging, which can lead […]