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There are hundreds of different manufacturing processes that can be used to develop products. These process will differ based on costs, size of your product, material to be used and quality of the final product. We will build up the manufacturing processes as use this section as a resource to directly explain to inventors which processes apply to their product.

March 15, 2015

Inventing and the Environment

As with any new invention, there is genuine excitement in finalizing the design, completing the manufacturing process, and finally seeing the product on store shelves. However, throughout the entire process, it is vital to always consider how your product will impact the environment. Here are some questions to consider: • Will it have a negative or a positive effect? • Is the product environmentally friendly? • Is the product packaging environmentally friendly? • What are other methods to improve the impact of my product on the environment? • Is there room in my budget to allow for eco-friendly packaging or […]
March 25, 2015

Different Types of Manufacturing Methods

As we have said before, the difference between an idea and an invention is the reality of having something you can hold in your hands, something that you can see or use firsthand to test in the consumer market or to present to potential investors to earn financial support. This tangible invention transforms the idea into a reality through the prototype and manufacturing process. Essentially, manufacturing is the game changer for your invention. Right now, you are probably wondering about any or all of the following questions: What are the options for manufacturing my invention? How do I know which […]